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born in 1984  Satu Mare / Romania



2009 – present    -    PhD  studies.

2007 – 2009  Master studies in various tehnics

2003 – 2007 ’’Ion Andreescu’’  Univercity of Arts and Design from Cluj Napoca  / Romania
Sculpture section  , investigation in sculpture and drawing tehnics.

1999 – 2003  ’’Aurel Pop’’ Art Highschool  Satu Mare



2012, January, Solo show Ulm, Germany,  Gallery of Visualkontakt art association

2011, December, Solo show in Oradea, Romania, Gallery of  Visualkontakt   art association.

2011, October, Youg Art Show *YAS* group exhibition in House of Art, Piestany, Slovakia.

2010, Solo show – ’’Life’’ Laika Gallery - Cluj Napoca 

2010, Collective exhibition with R.I.V.E.R. project  artists at The Ark – Bucharest.  Romania

2010, Workshop  R.I.V.E.R.  in Italy – Ancona – Rosora

2010, Workshop in Louvre  – Paris

2009, Solo show – ’’Made of...’’   Cluj Napoca

2009, National Biennale ‘‘Bronze Age’’  “Vîrsta de Bronz”      Cluj-Napoca Art Museum  Group exhibition. Romania

2007, Beginning the Master level studies at the University of Arts and Design of Cluj Napoca. Romania

2006, With Erasmus program,  studying  5 months at University of Fine Arts in Bilbao      (Spain)

2006, Cluj Napoca    ’’Bronze Age’’ Group exhibition  
               (almost 100 bronze sculptures). Romania

2004, 2005  “Fontana Group” Satu Mare Collective yearly exhibition of  local artists. Romania

2003, ‘’InterArt”  Satu Mare : Group exhibition. Romania















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